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[community profile] baticul is a musebox for [personal profile] maqui.

Mostly, I use this space to voice test characters, engage in some free roleplaying with friends, and to flesh out some character ideas. Sometimes, I also put together full RP ideas, although whether those go anywhere or not is another story entirely.

In other words, this is mostly a free space for laid-back RPing. Feel free to join in on a voice test or free RP post if you'd like; I'll try to tag back as quickly as possible.

March 2012

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If you'd like to get in touch with me to either plot something out, request one of my characters somewhere, tell me something, or anything else, you can either post up a reply here, email me, or send me a private message.

If you would like to leave any concrit on my characters, you're free to do so here; all comments are screened and IP logging is off. Just remember to please be constructive about it; saying one of my portrayals sucks does not give me any idea on what mistakes I am making nor does it help me improve.

[voice test]

Friday, March 9th, 2012 10:35 pm
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[ Waves crash onto the sand in a soothing rhythm. The sky is blissfully clear, the sun shining onto the world below and warming the beach. It is pleasant, peaceful; the sky and the ocean stretch out to the horizon, a picturesque view that is altogether breathtaking.

A faint groan is heard from a young man lying face-down on the beach; the fingers of his gloved right hand twitch before he makes a fist, grasping the sand and pushing himself up with some effort. He squints in the sunlight, grimacing as he tries to get a good look around himself. The area is familiar enough if only because it's a beach, just like the one he knows so well, but something is wrong. It's different, somehow; he can't find either the NORA house or his workshop.

Maqui immediately pushes himself up the rest of the way. He eyes his surroundings warily, wincing at the glare of the sun now even as he brings one hand to the back of his head as though to dispel the fogginess and aching that have overtaken his senses. ]

Ugh. Anyone get a fix on whatever dreadnought ran me down?

[rp idea] Reverb

Friday, March 9th, 2012 09:12 pm
maquianical: (「So... we'll be nixing strategy again?」)
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Reverb [Main World]
The land has been razed, civilization destroyed, and life obliterated in a war among the gods; the few among the gods who remained in its aftermath were those who never wanted to war in the first place; now, their only remaining wish is to see the world thrive once more.
These gods restored the world to the best of their ability, using their waning power to revive the plants and wildlife. The land grew fertile once more and, along the shores of the vast oceans, a beachside town took shape. However, the gods' powers grew weak and they were only able to return a painfully small portion of humanity to life.
With each use of the gods' powers, the stars disappeared from the sky; the gods looked upon this as the last few stars remained, knowing there was little more they could do with the last of their power. And so, still hoping for the world to return to glory yet knowing they lacked the power to see the world further to that end, the gods opened a portal to other worlds. The last stars died out as the portal opened, and the gods fell into a slumber to recover their power, all the while vowing to take a hands-off approach to the world this time around.
Replique is a seaside town comprised of several districts set across its landscape. The largest residential area in the town is situated on the cliffs overlooking the sea, for example, while a smaller district of residences can be found along the beach itself. The business district surrounds the town square and leads to the beach as well, and the town's schools have been given a scenic and almost isolated setting at the base of the cliffs, surrounded by trees and brush.
As the home to the last vestiges of humanity, Replique is peaceful enough within its borders. However, the town is surrounded by a fair share of beasts, monsters, and other wildlife, leading to difficulty for those who venture out unprepared. The monsters usually steer clear of the town itself, particularly when it is lit up, but some do grow curious. For this reason, the town does rely on outsiders who have at least some experience in fighting.
General Concept
Characters are pulled from their own worlds and into this one by the gods' portal; they arrive in Replique and as each character appears, a new star returns to the sky.
The gods' portal was intended to seek out those who could restore the world's glory; those who pass through the portal are meant to rebuild both the world and its society, then. Some might defend the town from monsters and other menaces while others might simply choose to engage in business or community planning. However, no one is forced to aid in the betterment of the society; they are well within their rights to simply laze about, enjoy any number of recreational activities, soak up the sun, enjoy each other's company, or even cause trouble for others.
Characters are allowed to kill each other, but this is not without consequences. The deceased is forced to remain out of play for one week while the revival process occurs. On the other hand, the killer is branded for that week; this brand places a curse onto the character, leaving the character in a debilitated state. This debilitation generally renders the character either unable to wield a weapon or unable to use special abilities (including, but not limited to, magic).

Rough night?

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010 12:23 am
selflessdevil: (Groggy ☆ The hell happened last night?)
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[Here we have a redhead laying on his side on the floor; it would appear that he was sleeping, but he is stirring now. He scrunches his nose slightly before slowly opening his eyes, a frown quickly taking its place on his features.]


[He sits up on the floor, only to notice that the bed he was expecting to be behind him isn't there. This causes his frown to deepen as he takes a better look at the room to find that he doesn't recognize it at all.

This, of course, prompts a bit of whining dignified objection.]
Hikaru~ we agreed there weren't any consequences to that game! Ugh, this isn't even a good prank. Where the hell did he put me?

Lost Child

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010 05:32 pm
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[Little Luke is humming to himself, picking at the grass slightly and playing with the flowers; every flower he touches seems to shimmer momentarily with more life, but returns to normal when his touch is gone. Every now and then, he'll pluck a flower very carefully from the ground with a little smile and place it into a neat little pile, mumbling something along the lines of, "Flower for mama," before humming once again.

The look in his eyes is a little sad and understanding, much too much for a child of his age. But he just keeps on going, in spite of whatever it is he understands.]